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For a number of years, Backbone Construction and Roofing Inc. has been proudly providing our roofing expertise to residential and commercial properties in Plant City, Florida and the surrounding areas. Our services range from routine roofing maintenance to commercial flat roof installations. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, our staff is always up-to-date with the latest industry knowledge and equipped with high-quality materials and tools. We even offer emergency tarp services for roof damage during inclement weather. Rest assured that you are in good hands when choosing Backbone Roofing Inc. for your roofing needs.


Key factors that impact roof quotes:

  • Size

  • Materials

  • Complexity

  • Location

Safety First:

The health and safety of our employees and clients is a top priority for Backbone Construction and Roofing. Our designated safety committee is focused on implementing new initiatives revolving around safety education and best practices for our entire team. 

High-Quality Workmanship:

When it comes to residential roofing, one of the most important things to consider is how long your home roof will last. After all, a roof is a big investment. When choosing a new or replacement roof, make sure you select a material that is designed to help you get the most out of your money. You should also know that Backbone Construction and Roofing is reputable and we stand by our work.  We offer a LIFETIME workmanship warranty.

Care For My Property:

Backbone focuses on making the roof replacement process as least disruptive as possible to our clients. All crews are fully equipped with property protection gear to leave your house exactly the way it was before they arrived, especially during the most destructive tear-off phase. The protection, respect, and safety of your property are our company’s top priorities.

Fair Price:

As a leading account in top roofing suppliers and an experienced and efficient labor force, we fight hard to keep our costs low and transfer these savings on to our customers. Our mission is to gain an opportunity to deliver on promises because we believe a positive referral is our greatest asset.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Residential Roofer in Central FL...

Deciding what you want in a roof is easier said than done: thankfully, we can help you every step of the way. Choosing between style and materials may seem daunting to a beginner, but making a final decision doesn’t have to be rocket science. Regardless, you do need to have at least something in mind rather than simply making a decision on the fly. If you’re having trouble figuring out which type of roof is right for you, take a step back and consider the following based on your needs:

Price is always a factor

The price tag often represents the elephant in the room for any given roofing contractor Central FL job. Sure, we want the sturdiest materials possible to ensure the security of our living space, but can you realistically make it happen within your budget?

Types of Residential Roofs

We can work with just about any budget, no matter how big or small, to provide a sensible solution that won’t break the bank. Bear in mind that how long you decide to stay in your home may be the biggest factor in ironing out your budget. If you plan on staying in your house for the long haul, it might make more sense to put more money down as you invest in the value of your home for years to come.

Roofing Materials Matter The Most

There’s no shortage of materials out there (well normally) depending on your budget and the specific needs of your space. Common materials include asphalt shingles, alongside metaltile, and slate roofing. Not all roofs are created equal, though: sturdiness and style both play a significant factor in determining which material represents the right choice for you. For example, Central Floridians may opt for more heat-resistant materials or durable tile in the face of unpredictable weather. Again, it all comes down to your needs and budget.

Reviews and Previous Work

By looking at previous work and reviews, you’ll get a clearer idea of what you can expect and be able to see if a roofing company can meet your needs. For us, nothing beats the delightful words of our clients. We are proud to show you photos of our work and numerous customer reviews (residential or commercial roofing) that will all show you that we truly care about our workmanship and how we can serve our Central FL locals.

The Right Permits

Always make sure the Central roofing contractors you’re considering have the proper license and insurance. As licensed Central roofing contractors, we have passed tests, gone through proper training, and know the industry well. Having insurance also means that we, as well as the homeowner, are all protected.


Our roofing company has multi-tiered warranty programs that will cater to the different needs of our clients. All our roof repairs are warranted for six months, with the option to purchase extended warranties for an additional fee. We stand by our skills and are happy to back our work with a lifetime workmanship warranty.

Staying in Style

Aesthetically speaking, a roof is just a roof, right? Wrong.

You may not be focused on having the most stylish roof on your block, but keep in mind that you may want to keep your roofing style congruent with what your neighbors have. This is especially true if you only plan on staying in your space for a few years. Granted, if you plan on living somewhere for life you have free reign to do whatever suits you.

When in doubt, you may want to see what your neighbors are doing in terms of their roofing and move forward from there. Just remember that your roof is a significant talking point when it comes down to selling your home. While you may not want to copycat your neighbors’ roof style, you may want to avoid doing anything too outlandish to turn off potential buyers down the road.

Don’t short-change yourself or your home when it comes to your roof. You shouldn’t necessarily have to spend more to secure your home space, but you should spend smart to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. With our expertise and quality customer service, you know that you’re getting exactly what you need when it comes time to repair or replace your roof. Since we offer free estimates for any job, what do you have to lose?


Our free initial roof estimates will give you a comprehensive overview of what is needed to either repair or replace your roof. Contact us today.

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